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Overcoming Fear: Trusting God

April 8, 2011

One of the things that controls many people’s lives is fear.   Many wake up every day,  fearing what might happen that very day. 

I will also admit that there are times that I feel fear.  I also know that the times I feel that fear; I am not in complete obedience to the Holy Spirit’s influence on my life.  If I had, I would have found the boldness and the faith, to look past my fears and see the Love of God protecting me. 

Believe me; there are many times that God has protected me, even when I got completely out of His will; even while committing  sin;  God’s hand had reached out to protect me, at least from the hand of death.  This is the unsurpassable Love of God. 

Sin makes God angry and hurt; just as we get hurt when those we love so dearly; show disloyalty or unfaithfulness toward us.   Still, His Love is unconditional, because just like His Judgement; and His Righteousness; His Love is perfect.   To know God, is to also understand His perfection. 

We might ask; how could God bring sudden destruction upon cities because of His anger at their sinfulness, yet also love us unconditionally.  It’s because all things of God are perfect  and all things are fulfilled in God. 

This is how we can also come to a better understanding of the role of Jesus Christ, his death and his resurrection.  God loved us so much that He gave up His only begotten Son to die so that we had a way to come to Him and be perfect in Him.  Yet also His Judgment had to be fulfilled, and the only way we could stand before Him was by the Righteousness that was brought to us by the blood of Jesus.  His blood was shed and because of it; we can  again;  be one with God and have fellowship with Him eternally.

Fear is actually the opposite of Faith.  Surely, if we have faith in God; then we must also trust that He will take care of us.  But, we must also accept that if we lose our life;  that it’s only the beginning of our life with Him.  This is the true Christian faith; to believe beyond the portals of death.   Did not Christ overcome death so that we would no longer fear it; knowing that a wonderful place is waiting for us in Heaven that He has prepared for us?

Also, overcoming fear, is also overcoming the Devil.  Satan’s control is by influencing people’s fears.  Once he knows he can get a strangle hold on someone’s mind enough that they become  fearful; he has succeeded in getting them to not put their trust in God. 

So, it is important that we begin to realize when Satan or one of his cohorts, is working on us by building up fear; that it’s time to take authority and order him to leave; get behind you.  Even as a newly born Christian, you have complete power over Satan and all his minions.  And, whatever you bind here on Earth, will be bound in Heaven, and whatever you bound in Heaven, is bound on Earth.  All you need to do is be aware that you have that power.  Once you realize that; then you can start using it.

Christians are not immune to fear.  If they don’t recognize it for what it is, and get control of it; it will get control of them.  For example; sickness.  It’s easy to  start thinking about sickness and let it begin to seep into your life.  “Oh, what if I get cancer?” Oh, what if I already have cancer?”  Once you start asking these questions; this is  Satan’s influence; seeping out to you.  Maybe it’s seeping out from the television set, while you watch a commercial about  P.A.D. or maybe a commercial about a depression drug.  Next thing you know; you think you’re feeling certain symptoms and you’re wondering if you should go see a doctor.

One of the best cures for fear and depression is worshipping God.  I just start praising God and handing Him all my fears and my phobias and my sadness and my heartaches and anything that’s bothering me.  I just set them down at His feet and walk away; because He’ll take care of them right away.   I lift my hands up and begin to praise Him and sing unto Him; just letting myself go in the Spirit.  All fear will flee from me and then I don’t care anymore about what can happen to me; I’m in the Hands of God.

Of course this world as we know it will finally come to and end.  Yes, evil men wll do evil things.  Perilous times will come and many people will be far from the Love of God because of their wickedness and their selfishness, and that they have believed a lie and have damned themselves.   This is all been prophesied by the prophets of old. 

I heard this from an Amway salesman once;  “You can live in the sunshine, or you can slowly die in the shadows.” This is true in more ways than he had meant.

There’s another prophecy that I choose to live under and that is the prophecy of Joel, who said that in the last days, God would pour out His Spirit upon all flesh and your sons and daughters would prophecy…

This prophecy is  for those who believe.  So Believe.

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